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Tykuno Business Pages feature TruReviews. The Tykuno TruReviews™ contain quick links to a businesses online reviews. Rather than only see the reviews from one review site, Tykuno TruReviews™ conveniently enables customers to see many reviews. Having multiple review sources in one location allows customers to gain more transparency into the businesses found on Tykuno. More customer transparency equals more customer trust with business found through Tykuno.

Transparent & Trusted Businesses

Find Major Review Sources Conveniently on Tykuno


  1. Find Social Media Reviews
  2. Find Industry Specific Reviews
  3. Find Major Review Sites
  4. Find Complaint Sites

Innovation to Help Customers

Tykuno TruReviews™ helps customers through increased transparency about the businesses we feature through Tykuno. Online reviews are well intended but imperfect and subject to abuse. Bad reviews can be added to a review site from an unfair competitor an unreasonable customer just as good reviews can be added by friends and family members of a business which may or may not be accurate. Accessing reviews from most sources allows a customer to quickly and conveniently look across multiple review platforms and identify patterns of good or poor service. It can be easy for a business to trick one or two review sites, but hard tricking them all, this is how Tykuno TruReviews™ increases transparency.

Customers Benefit from Tykuno

Transparent & Trusted Businesses

Tykuno screens pros, restaurants, web-stores and merchants by checking through their reviews. We read social media reviews, industry specific reviews and just about anything we can find online. We understand that all businesses have some bad reviews so we look for patterns and deny businesses with consistently bad reviews.


Find Local & Online Businesses 

Tykuno supports both local as well as online businesses. On Tykuno you will find business pages for online shopping, for local shops and restaurants as well as for local services. Tykuno supports many consumer industries, providing trusted and transparent businesses to the public.


Find Special Offers & Great Deals

Tykuno Business Pages feature Special Offers where customers can find great promotional deals as well as new product lines and services. Tykuno Businesses are regularly adding new Offers so it’s best to bookmark your favorite pages for easy reference.


Customer Privacy Protection

Tykuno does not sell or share your information, communicate with only those you contact. If you need a price quote from a service provider featured on Tykuno, you will only receive a quote from that business, Tykuno does not share your information with other businesses in attempt to sell your inquiry. Any information you input through a Business Page on Tykuno will be protected and Tykuno will not sell or share your information with third parties nor will Tykuno use your information to promote other third party ads or services.




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