How Tykuno Works

Find Sales & Discount Offers for Trusted Local Businesses

Step 1

Search Tykuno for Local Sales & Discount Promotions.

See what’s for sale at your favorite neighborhood shops and services. Find recommended businesses and services near you.

Step 2

Contact Tykuno Business Listings to Schedule an Appointment, Receive Price Quotes for Services, or Walk Into A Participating Tykuno Store or Restaurant.

With Tykuno you only communicate with pros and merchants you select, we do not share your info, so you will not be contacted by random businesses you do not know. Tykuno respects your privacy. 

Step 3

Receive the Sales & Discount Offers at Your Time of Payment.

To redeem the discounts and promotional offers posted on Tykuno, simply remind the busienss you saw them on Tykuno, reference tykuno pages as needed to receive your savings.

What Sets Tykuno Apart


Sales & Discount Offers

Find sales and promotional offers at favorite local businesses.

easier to receive discounts

No coupons, no rebates. Tykuno has simplified receiving discounts.

Local Products Services

Tykuno search is for local businesses with discounts near you.

real privacy protection

Tykuno does not sell or share your information, communicate with only those you contact.


Businesses listed on Tykuno have been carefully screened and selected.

Better Information

Tykuno business listing pages are more informational and helpful for customers.

Popular Markets for Tykuno Business Listings

Tykuno Features Local Products & Professional Services

Home Service Pros

Contractors, Handyman, Electricians, Plumbers, Builders & More!


Cafes, Bars, Casual and Fine Restaurants & More!

Financial Services

Financial Advisors, CPA’s Investment Funds, Banks, Insurers & More!

Health & Fitness

Gyms, Trainers, Nutritionists, Psychics, Therapists, More!

Large Retail Stores

Home Decor, Couches, Chairs, Appliances, Electronics & More!

Local Merchants

Clothing Stores, Specialty Shops, Retailers, Food, Produce & More!

Home Care

Nanny, Babysitting, Home Nursing, Caregivers & More!


Find Great Deals with Local Travel Agents, Hotels, Planes & More!

Beauty Care Services

Hair & Nail Salons, Tattoo Artists, Day Spas, Beauticians & More!

Home Improve

Closets, Kitchen Cabinetry, Counters, Flooring, Roof, Paint, Deck, Doors & More!

Home Services

Landscapers, Pest Control, Cleaning, Maintenance Services & More!

Legal Services

Law Firms, Defense Attorneys, Family Lawyers, Immigration & More!

Medical Healthcare

Family Medical Practices, Specialists, Health Clinics, Dentists & More!


Car Dealerships, Boats, Yachts, Motorcycles & More!

Pet Care

Dog Walking, Veterinary Medicine, Pet Stores, Groomers & More!


Event Planners, Photographers, DJ’s, Bands & More!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the discounts posted on Tykuno?

Tykuno Discounts and Promotions are honored or redeemed by the business at the time of sale. Most businesses know their discounts, however you can always reference their Tykuno Business Page for offer redemption.

How Does Tykuno Work?

Search Tykuno to find sales and discount offers at your local businesses.

Walk into Tykuno businesses like restaurants and retail stores. Make appointments for Tykuno buinsesses like Doctors Offices and Salons. Request a price quote for Home Services like, Plumbers or Landscapers.

You can contact any of our businesses or walk into any participating Tykuno store. Search with Tykuno – Save with Tykuno at your favorite local merchants and services.

How does Tykuno select and approve businesses?

Tykuno features trusted local businesses based on the following criteria:

1. Tykuno helps local merchants and services. To be featured on Tykuno the business must be Local.

2. The business must have great reviews. We screen and post all major review sources.

3. Tykuno businesses must attest to all Licensing and Insurance being active and up to date.

4. A Tykuno Business should be fully compliant, up to date on state & local registration and reporting.

5. Tykuno business pages list sales, discounts and promotional offers happening near you.

6. Tykuno looks for businesses that are making a positive impact within their communities.


How can I get my business on Tykuno?

Tykuno is very thoughtful and careful about the businesses we accept. For each Industry and City there are limited businesses that we feature. Tykuno business listings have had background research performed before they are accepted.

If you belive that your business meets this high level of expectation, then we welcome you to learn more and apply on our “Grow” Page.



How is my privacy being protected on Tykuno?

Tykuno respects your privacy.

i) When you contact a business using the web forms your information Only goes to that business. You will not receive communications and quotes from businesses you have not requested to hear from.

ii) Tykuno does not share or sell your information or data we collect with third parties.

iii) Tykuno will only send relevant email updates and transactional communications to you as needed. We do not use your email to promote third party ads.

We value your privacy and we thank you for your trust. Search with Tykuno – Save with Tykuno!