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Tykuno Customer Development Process

Tykuno Advertising

Tykuno generates targeted, engaged and motivated customers to visit your business.  Receive targeted visitors to your physical business location, to your website or to call and make service appointments. Get reliable Tykuno Customers to grow your business month after month. There are no contracts or hidden fees, only pay for your ad campaigns with no further costs or obligations.

Get Amazing Results from Tykuno

Reliable Customers You Can Count On!


  1. Fast Process to Get Started and Receive Customers
  2. Offer Focused Advertising Campaigns
  3. Targeted Customers Most Likely to Convert
  4. Tykuno Advertising Pages Build Customer Trust
  5. Great Results, No Contracts!
how tykuno advertising works

Tykuno Customer Development Process

Creating your ad campaign with Tykuno is fast and easy. When you want more customers just log into your account and submit an Ad campaign. The information you submit to us in your ad is draft content we use to generate your customers. No need to worry about perfecting your ad copy, no need to worry about selecting data filters and other complicated details, at Tykuno we handle the advertising process once we receive your ad campaign information.

Tykuno Customer Developmet Process creates a short journey for customers before they arrive at your business. The development process motivates the customers through this journey so when they arrive at your store, website or service appointment, they are confident and encouraged to use your business.

Tykuno uses Advertising Pages as part of the customer generation process. These are highly effective web pages built on Tykuno, carefully designed with years of experience in customer generation. The pages are built specifically for each business and feature; Special Offers, TruReviews™ and clear calls to action. The Offers provide the focus and purpose of your ads, such as a service you provide or a special discount promotion. The TruReviews™ allows customers to see most of your online reviews in one place, adding transparency and building trust with the customers. Our calls to action effectively guide the customer to taking the next step with your business; go to your shop, visit your website or make an appointment.

Tykuno advertising generates customers more likely to purchase than regular traffic alone. Get amazing quality customer visitors to your business, quickly and easily with Tykuno Advertising.

tykuno customer traffic infographic

Benefits of Tykuno Advertising


No Contracts, Start-Up Fees or Hidden Charges

With Tykuno Advertising businesses appreciate how fast and easy it is to get started. It is especially reassuring to business owners that Tykuno does not have contracts, additional fees or other obligations beyond paying for each ad campaign submitted.


Local Businesses – No Website, No Problem

If you have a Local business and you don’t have a website, or if your website is old and obsolete, not a problem – Tykuno customers pass through the Advertising Pages which feature information about your business, your offers, your reviews replacing the need of a website. The Advertising Pages inform customers and help to motivate and encourage them to use your business.


Online Website Businesses – Get Customers to your Different Product Sales Pages

If you operate an ecommerce website business, the Tykuno Advertising Pages link customers directly to your product and service landing pages. Receive customer traffic that is confident and motivated to shop on your website.


Tykuno Advertising is a Managed Service

Receiving Tykuno Customers is a simple, fast and streamlined process. Just takes 5 minutes to submit an Express Ad Campaign. We use your ad content to generate your Tykuno Customers. (Compared to working with other marketing platforms where businesses must learn how to buy traffic and optimize their ad campaigns. This can take years and is overwhelming for most businesses, whereas with Tykuno, you don’t waste any time and you can receive better quality customers from the start).


Tykuno Builds Confidence with Customers and Motivates Them to Use Your Business

Tykuno passes customers through the Advertising Pages to increase their level of interest and build confidence in using your business. Tykuno Advertising Pages are designed specifically to your goals and they feature information about your business, your offers, your reviews and through clear direction are encouraged and motivated to use you.


Fast Results and Great ROI

After you have an approved advertising account, it takes just a few minutes to submit an ad campaign and then typically within 1 day your Customer Traffic campaign will begin. Most businesses who start with Tykuno Advertising report experiencing their best Return on Investment compared with other forms of marketing and agencies they have previously tried.


No Integrations or Third Party Campaign Interference

With Tykuno Advertising there are no tech integrations or complicated account permissions and setting up. If you are an ecommerce business and want to track the Tykuno visitors to your website, we can add your pixel or event tracking code to your Tykuno Advertising Pages for you.


Tykuno Advertising is the SMB’s Advantage in a Competitive Market

For small businesses to compete against their larger competitors they need an edge, an advantage. Tykuno Advertising provides that competitive advantage needed today.



Why Do Customers Prefer Tykuno Businesses?


Sales & Discount Offers

Customers find sales and promotional offers at favorite local businesses.

easier to receive discounts

No coupons, no rebates. Tykuno has simplified receiving discounts to customers.

Local & online

Tykuno features local and online businesses, customers find great offers.

real privacy protection

Tykuno does not sell or share information, customers privacy is protected.


Tykuno Advertising Pages Feature TruReviews™, so customers can know a business before they start.

Better Information

Tykuno Advertising Pages™ are more informational and helpful for customers.

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