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Customers use Tykuno to find the best local shops, products and pro services. Tykuno selects limited businesses for each industry in your area. Lead your market as a featured Tykuno business!

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Get Found by Customers

Your Tykuno Business Listing will connect local customers to your brand. Get found by customers doing research, get found by customers on the fly.

Tykuno Business Qualifications

A Tykuno Business is a  Trusted Business! Tykuno only features a select few outstanding local businesses from each industry in each area.  

If your business meets the minimum standards for qualification posted here, then you can apply to be featured on Tykuno.

Local Business

Tykuno helps local merchants and services. To be featured on Tykuno you must be local.

Licensed & Insured

Tykuno businesses must attest to all Licensing and Insurance being active and up to date.

State & Local Registrations

A Tykuno Business must be fully compliant, up to date on state & local registration and reporting.

Excellent Reviews

Your business must have great reviews. We screen and post all major review sources.

One-Of-A-Kind Discount

Tykuno featured businesses provide one-of-a-kind discounts exclusively to Tykuno users.

Making a Difference

Tykuno looks for businesses that are making a positive impact within their communities.

Popular Markets for Tykuno Business Listings

Tykuno Features Local Merchants & Professional Services

Home Service Pros

Contractors, Handyman, Electricians, Plumbers, Builders & More!


Cafes, Bars, Casual and Fine Restaurants & More!

Financial Services

Financial Advisors, CPA’s Investment Funds, Banks, Insurers & More!

Health & Fitness

Gyms, Trainers, Nutritionists, Psychics, Therapists, More!

Large Retail Stores

Home Decor, Couches, Chairs, Appliances, Electronics & More!

Local Merchants

Clothing Stores, Specialty Shops, Retailers, Food, Produce & More!

Home Care

Nanny, Babysitting, Home Nursing, Caregivers & More!

Real Estate

Residential & Commercial, Buyers and Seller Discounts & More!

Beauty Care Services

Hair & Nail Salons, Tattoo Artists, Day Spas, Beauticians & More!

Home Improvement

Closets, Counters, Flooring, Roof, Paint, Deck, Doors & More!

Home Services

Landscapers, Pest Control, Cleaning, Maintenance Services & More!

Legal Services

Law Firms, Defense Attorneys, Family Lawyers, Immigration & More!

Medical Healthcare

Family Medical Practices, Specialists, Health Clinics, Dentists & More!


New and Used Car Dealerships, Boats,  Motorcycles & More!

Pet Care

Dog Walking, Veterinary Medicine, Pet Stores, Groomers & More!


Event Planners, Photographers, DJ’s, Bands & More!

Tykuno Supports Many Different Types of Businesses

How Tykuno Works

Tykuno features a careful selection of the best local businesses in your area providing special customer discounts.

Customers come to Tykuno to find trusted merchants and professional services in their area. Businesses listed on Tykuno Must offer a unique, one-of-a-kind discount they do not offer or post anywhere else online or offline.

Customers contact you through Tykuno to receive price quotes, make appointments or find your business location to walk-in. Receive new customer inquiries by email and text alert.

What You Get From Tykuno

Tykuno only features a select few outstanding local businesses in each area. If chosen as a Tykuno Business you will have limited competition for Tykuno customers. Lead your market.

Brand Recognition

With an annual featured listing on Tykuno your business will gain brand recognition over time as local Tykuno users see your business repetatively as a Trusted Brand.

New Customers

The purpose of Tykuno is to introduce great local businesses with customers that expect the best merchants and services at discounted prices.

Lead Your Market

Tykuno provides outstanding local businesses with limited competition through a few select featured listings per industry and area to help you lead your Market.

Why Customers Prefer Tykuno


A Tykuno Business is a Trusted Business, customers want qualified, screened and reliable local sources.

Exclusive Discounts

Customers expect the best businesses at the lowest possible prices which they receive with Tykuno.

Best of The Best

Tykuno features a select number of outstanding businesses for each industry per area.

Better Information

Tykuno Business Listings provide more in depth information and all major reviews in one place.

Easy to Find Great Resources for Less

Search Engines and review sites list countless results. Tykuno features fewer trusted options making it easy.

Find Just About Anything In Your City or County

Tykuno users search by city or county and find discounts for hundreds of different types of businesses.


Tykuno Businesses are selected for a 1 year period.

Pay one low flat rate per month for 1 year. Receive Unlimited New Inquiries, Leads, Customers and Sales! The cost of your Tykuno listing is based on different factors such as: Your Industry and Your Service Areas. To know the price for your business, start by applying below.

Limited Business Listings are Available per Industry in Each City and County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tykuno is different from other search and review sites. With limited spots for each industry in each area our process selects businesses that we feel are outstanding and exemplary of a Tykuno Business!

Why do you have a selection process?

Tykuno only features select, outstanding local businesses making a difference in their community. Using the criteria listed on this page we screen and interview businesses looking for the best of the best. Simply being able to pay will not qualify your business for Tykuno like other search platforms, it’s not easy to earn the recognition of a Tykuno Business. If selected your business will have the chance to be a leader in your local market with Tykuno customers.

How do businesses select Tykuno Discounts?

Your discount must be exclusive to Tykuno customers. In other words, offer a discount that you do not offer on any other websites or in your store. You can choose to discount certain items, you can discount a percentage or fixed dollar amount off individual products or the entire sale. Your discount offer should be ongoing and not for a short period of time, so that customers become familiar with your deals and can share them with people they know.

Do We Pay For Clicks, Leads or Sales?

No. Tykuno does not charge businesses for clicks, leads or sales. Tykuno business listings receive a 1 year flat rate agreement. This allows selected Tykuno Businesses to thrive in their local markets.  The cost per customer with Tykuno is SUBSTANTIALLY lower than other sources.

Why Do You Have Annual Agreements?

Tykuno carefully selects Business Listings. We see each featured Tykuno business as a mutually beneficial relationship. We help your business grow and lead in your local market, you provide outstanding services and one-of-a-kind discounts to our users. Through annual agreements we get to know and help you better.

Why doesn’t Tykuno Charge PPC or Per Lead?

Search and review sites like Google or Angie’s List allow most businesses to participate regardless of their quality or history – as long as a business can pay for some traffic they can be listed. Tykuno works with carefully screened and selected businesses for an ongoing period of time to provide better and more consistent results for Tykuno customers.

What Does it Mean to be Wait-listed?

If your business receives a “wait-list” notification it will usually be for one of two reasons: i) Your industry and city are full and not open for additional business listings at this time. ii) The approval department at Tykuno doesn’t know enough about your business. This could be because your company is very new, you have few online reviews or because we have not been able to interview you or verify certain information.

How to Get Featured on Tykuno


Step 1

Get started by registering below. To get featured on Tykuno we must review and approve your business.


Step 2

We will call you to verify your info, answer your questions & help you select an appropriate Tykuno discount.

Step 3

Once accepted, we build your business page on Tykuno so you can start receiving new customers and sales.

Step 4

Watch your Tykuno generated sales increase over time as local customers build recognition of your brand.

Meet More Customers

Become The Tykuno Business For Your Area

Tykuno features select, top rated local businesses. For each industry only a few businesses will be chosen per city and county. If selected as a Tykuno Business for your area, you can lead your local market with limited competition.

Tykuno businesses agree to provide one-of-kind discounts to Tykuno users. Discounts can be flat fixed amounts or percentages off. When a customer says, “TYKUNO” you must honor your discounts at the time of sale.

If selected as a Tykuno Business for your area, you can continue to hold your spot as long as your business is compliant with Tykuno rules. Tykuno provides 1 year agreements at very low fixed rates for our featured businesses and you never pay for leads or customers.

Get Started

Business Listing Application

STOP: Only complete this application if your business provides local products and services to your area. If your business ONLY provides ecommerce or online sales, we cannot list you here. Tykuno is for Local Businesses, Restaurants and Professional Services.