Advertising Best Practices

Best Practices

When you receive your Tykuno Advertising Website Pages you are joining the trusted Tykuno community of reputable businesses. It’s important that you not violate the law or defy common sense when using or marketing your Ad Pages. Violations of Tykuno Best Practices can quickly rise to a violation of our Terms of Service. This could result in: a friendly notice of non-compliance, a stern warning of non-compliance, Web Page suspension pending an investigation or Account Termination.


Marketing Your Advertising Pages:

Your Tykuno Ad Pages are designed and built for marketing. However, not all online marketing is acceptable and since your Ad Pages are part of the Tykuno Community, it is essential that you follow our rules and Best Practices.


Recommended Marketing:

Tykuno Customer Boost Ad Campaigns (Google PPC Traffic)

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Permission Based Email to Your Customers or Subscribers

Influencer Marketing

Traffic Acquisitions from Trusted Sources



Prohibited Marketing

SPAM (Unsolicited Email) – This is the most common cause for Web Page Account Termination. You cannot SPAM or email people you do not have permission to email. You CANNOT buy lists, lease lists, borrow lists, build a list through scraping the internet or through other illegal means to build an email list. The only people to whom you may email your Web Page is to your existing customers or your subscriber list that you have cultivated legally as per the Can Spam act of 2003. ISP’s have feedback loops and if you SPAM your Tykuno Web Pages we are likely to receive a high level ISP notice. We will find out and your account will be terminated first offense for SPAM.

Google, Bing, Yahoo – Paid Advertising can only be performed by Tykuno. Your Web Pages are part of The Tykuno community this is why only our experienced team can do this for your Pages. Tykuno offers Customer Boost Campaigns which are Google PPC traffic campaigns to target visitors.

Fake Traffic / Bots – Fake Traffic as known as Bots are widely advertised online as affordable sources of customer traffic. Of course you will never be told this is fake traffic or Bots, (short for robotic traffic or computer generated clicks which are non-existent or fake). This type of Bot traffic is easy to avoid. Any services offering large volumes of clicks for a very low amount of money is fake. There is no short cut for affordable customer traffic, anything online that appears to good to be true is fake. Bot traffic will get your account flagged fast! Also, your Web Pages have 25,000 limit on visitors per month with overage charges. If you exceed your overage you will also have additional costs with Tykuno.


Restricted Marketing

Restricted Marketing is allowed, but you must be very careful about how and with what companies you are using to facilitate such marketing. Restricted Marketing channels are riskier and could lead to issues, so choose wisely if you are going to participate in the following:

Affiliate Marketing

Buying Traffic without Knowing The Source

Re-Direct Traffic Sources



Other Content

Tykuno reserves the right to restrict or prohibit other industries or content not featured here.



Proof of Capability

Tykuno reserves the right to requests Proof of Capability for traffic being sent to Tykuno Advertising Web Pages. If we see suspicious traffic you might receive an email requesting Proof of Capability. You will need to quickly respond to this email and provide us with your marketing sources for further evaluation.

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