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Meet New Customers From Your Tykuno Advertising Pages

 Grow Your Internet Presence and Get Found by More Customers Online

Improve Your Online Visibility


Expand Your Internet Presence


Receive More Customers


Motivate Customers to Your Business


Get Found More on Search Results

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$25 / month

Meet More Customers

Grow Your Business

Get Customers to Your Business


Get Customers to Your Local Store


Get Customer Leads & Requests


Get Customer Email Subscriptions


Get Customers to Your Website

Tykuno Advertising Pages Introduce Customers to Your Business. Get customers to your local shop, get customer leads and email subscriptions or get customers to your website. Receive reliable customers you can count on.

Get Found in More Search Results

Tykuno Ad Pages are built in WordPress and include our SEO Marketing Plan. Increase your online visibility with Advertising Pages.



Advertising Pages Include SEO Marketing.


Show Up More on Search Engine Results Pages.


Benefit from our Strong Community Presence.

Get More Sales from Marketing

Maximize your marketing return. Use different Tykuno Ad Pages to reach different segments of your audience.


Share Your Ad Pages Through Social Media.


Include Links to Your Ad Pages in Your Content Marketing.


Post Your Ad Pages in Newsletters and Communications.

Grow Your Online Presence with Tykuno Advertising Pages

Use Tykuno Ad Pages to supplement your current website or use as your primary website presence.

Receive a professionally built Tykuno Advertising Page to increase your internet visibility and meet more online customers!

All Web Pages Are Not Created Equal

Tykuno Advertising Pages are tailor made for each business. Designs are attractive, focused and to the point. All Tykuno Ad Pages have special features and strong calls to action to guide customers to convert with your local or online business.

Tykuno Ad Pages get customers more interested, motivated and confident to purchase at your local or online business.

Tykuno Ad Pages are part of a community with other businesses who also share in the values of good business practice. Benefit from our Tykuno Community of Trusted Businesses and get found on more customer internet search results.


Market Your Business with Tykuno Advertising Pages. Get Found By More Online Customers and Use Ad Pages in Your Marketing Campaigns to Get More Results. Ad Pages are Professionally Designed, Built and Hosted for You on The Trusted Tykuno Site.

Tykuno Advertising Pages Have Multiple Purposes for Different Strategies


  • Get More Customers
  • Get Higher Conversion Rates
  • Get More Repeat Customers

Landing Pages

  • Collect Leads & Appointments
  • Collect Email Subscriptions
  • Receive Leads by Email & Text Alert

Get Online

  • Use Instead of a Website
  • Join a Trusted Community
  • Designed & Built for You

Get More Customers from Tykuno Ad Pages


Benefit from our Community

Your Tykuno Advertising Pages are part of our community of trusted businesses. Get value from being in our reputable network. Build more customer trust and confidence resulting in more sales, referrals and repeat business.

Better Online Presence


Attract more customers with our beautifully designed Ad Pages.


Strengthen your brand and increase customer confidence.


Get found more on Search Engine Results Pages with your Ad Pages.

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Better Advertising & Marketing


Tykuno Web Pages increase customer interest and motivation.


Get a Better Marketing Return Using Tykuno Ad Pages.


Use Tykuno Customer Boost Campaigns to receive Google PPC traffic.

Benefits of Tykuno Advertising Pages



Built & Managed For You


Special Offers & TruReviews


Designed to Meet Your Goals


Better Online Presence


Better Advertising Results


Affordable For All Businesses


Join a Trusted Community


Powerful SEO Marketing


Get More Customers & Sales

Walk-In Customers

Get customers to go to your physical store or business location

Leads & Subscriptions

Get customer appointment requests and email subscriptions

Website Customers

Get customers to your websites sales and scheduling pages

Tykuno Ad Pages are Custom Built for Your Business. There are 3 different types of Pages You Can Receive based on your goals. 1: Get a page to encourage customers to walk into your physical location. 2: Get a page to collect leads (inquiries, appointments, reservations & service requests). 3: Website businesses get a page to attract customers to their online store or have a page for collecting email subscriptions.

Tykuno Advertising Pages Increase Customer Interest, Motivation and Confidence Before Coming to Your Local or Online Business.

Beautifully Designed Custom Built Ad Pages to Meet Your Business Goals

Tykuno Ad Pages Introduce Customers to Your Business. Promote Your Deals, New Products and Special Offers. Get customers excited before they arrive at your business. Your Ad Page is custom built for you!

Get More Customers to Walk into your Local Store

Get Customer Leads & Email Subscriptions

Get More Customers Sales with Your Online Store

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Join Our Fast Growing Community of Trusted Businesses with Tykuno Advertising Pages

Join our community of businesses who are committed to providing outstanding services to Tykuno customers. Get more customers, higher customer conversion rates and more customer loyalty. Tykuno Ad Pages have the following features:

Special Offers to increase customer interest and motivation

TruReviews to help customers build confidence in your business

Editors Review provides a trusted 3rd party affirmation of your brand


Tykuno Ad Pages Have Special Features Increasing Customer Motivation and Confidence to Use Your Business

Special Offers

Tykuno Advertising Pages feature Special Offers to increase customer motivation and sales. The Special Offers can be one of the following: Deals, Sales Offers, Discounts, Promotions, New Products, Seasonal Products, Featured Services or just about anything you choose to market about your business.

Special Offers attract customers, increase interest and motivate customer action. All Tykuno Ad Pages have between 1 and 3 Special Offers. Depending on your Price Plan, you can change your Special Offers, Monthly or Weekly.

TruReviews™ & Editors Review

Tykuno Ad Pages feature TruReviews™ to increase customer confidence. The Tykuno TruReviews™ contain quick links to your businesses online reviews. Rather than only see the reviews from one review site, Tykuno TruReviews™ conveniently enables customers to see many review sources. Having multiple review sources in one location allows customers to gain more transparency into your business. More customer transparency equals more customer trust.

The Editors Review is written here at Tykuno as a third party affirmation of your business. This helps customers build confidence and gain more interest with your products and services.

Learn How to Get Started

Receive Your Tykuno Ad Page

in 5 Fast and Easy Steps!

  1.  Register on the Get Started Page and select Your Plan.
  2.  Save Your Billing  (You will only be charged at the time of invoicing).
  3.  Set-Up Your Pages using our fast and easy step by step process.
  4.  Reply to our Proofing and Approval email.
  5.  Receive your completed Ad Page(s) and grow your business.

Select Your Tykuno Ad Page Goal, Page Design Style, Your Featured Products or Services and Your Special Offers. In less than 15 minutes you will be done. Your Custom Designed Tykuno Advertising Page will be Professionally Built for You Within a Few Days.

Option 1: Get More Customers to Walk Into Your Local Business

Your Tykuno Ad Page Motivates Customers to Walk Into Your Physical Place of Business. Customers are able to quickly learn more and gain interest from your page. Stand out and motivate customers to come to visit your local business.

tykuno dealership advertising pages

Option 2: Get More Customers to Purchase on Your Website

Your Tykuno Ad Page Motivates Customers to Shop on Your Website. Customers are able to learn more about your online business and gain confidence before arriving at your internet store. Increased motivation and trust leads to higher conversion rates and more residual sales.

tykuno ads marketing preview

Option 3: Get More Customer Leads and Email Subscriptions

Your Tykuno Ad Page captures customer leads and email subscriptions. Customers are able to inquire, schedule an appointment or subscribe to your business. Customer leads and subscriptions are sent to your account, your email and by text alert.

tykuno HVAC advertising page
tykuno dentistry advertising page

Additional Benefits of Tykuno Ad Pages



No Hosting Plans


No Domain Fees


No Experience Required


99.9% Uptime


Free Tykuno Domain Name


SEO Marketing Included


Individual Support, Guidance


Stronger Online Presence


Better Advertising Return

Ad Pages Are Responsive: Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

Tykuno Advertising Pages automatically adjust to the customers device and screen size. No matter what type of device your customer are using, Desktop Computers, Tablets, iPads and Various Mobile Smartphones, they will always see a beautiful web page.

Easy One Click Reporting from Your Account Dashboard

See accurate reporting with one click from your account dashboard. See how many visitors are coming to your Tykuno Advertising Pages, how long they are spending on it and where your customers are coming from. Tykuno uses Google Analytics technology for accurate reporting.

There are Many Uses and Strategies for  Tykuno Ad Pages. Strengthen your Online Presence, Get More Customers.

Plan the Perfect Product Launch with Ad Pages

Tykuno Ad Pages are a great solution to promote new products or services. Your Advertising Pages can be designed to focus on a single product or service. Use Pages to market your new products or services to the public and to Tykuno Customers. Web Pages are focused, beautifully designed and part of the trusted Tykuno community of reputable businesses. Let the experienced marketing and design team at Tykuno help make your next launch a success.

tykuno ads manager ad
tykuno advertising manager ad

eCommerce Businesses Differentiate Your Brand

Do you operate an online eCommerce business? Use Tykuno Ad Pages to differentiate your brand from thousands of other businesses using Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and other popular selling platforms. Grow your eCommerce business with more customers and higher conversion rates. Market your Tykuno Ad Pages to visitors before they come to your website and landing pages for increased interest, credibility and more conversions.

Get More Customers to Your Tykuno Ad Pages

Market Your Pages Yourself or Get Tykuno Customer Boost Ad Campaigns

tykuno advertising and marketing ideas

1. Guide Customers to Your Web Pages

Tykuno Ad Pages have Special Features and customer-centric designs for optimal results with advertising campaigns. Include your Ad Pages in your social media strategy and in your content marketing such as in your blog.


Share Your Ad Pages Through Social Media


Spice Up Your Emails & Newsletters with Ad Pages


Include in Your Content Marketing & Blogs

2. Tykuno Customer Boost Campaigns

Get a customer traffic boosts to your Tykuno Advertising Pages. From your account dashboard, select the tab: BOOST. Receive Google PPC traffic campaigns which will be executed by our experienced advertising team.


Get Your Best Return from Advertising


Web Page & Advertising Done from One Service


Suppliment Your Current Marketing Strategy

restaurant advertising and marketing

Grow Your Internet Presence and Get Found by More Customers Online. Get customers to your local shop, get customer leads and email subscriptions or get customers to your Website Checkout Pages.


Tykuno Advertising Pages are professionally designed, built, hosted and secured on Tykuno. All edits and updates to your Ad Pages are done by our Web Design Team. Use multiple Advertising Pages to increase your online presence and to reach more customers. Each Page can operate independently or they can be linked together with a menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we design our own Tykuno Ad Pages?

No, Tykuno does everything for you! There are thousands of services offering website building tools but there is only one Tykuno where your page is built to meet the needs of your business. We are experts in online advertising and landing page development, we know how to build a page that can help your business.

Plus, your Ad Pages are part of the Tykuno community and website, so you don’t have any complicated tech integrations. We take care of all the all hard parts so you can focus on running your business.

Customers using Tykuno Web Pages like the consistency of our page designs so they can easily find key information. This is part of the confidence building process with customers of Tykuno. Each page features Truereviews, Editors Reviews, Special Offers and other information.

How much of my time is needed to create and manage my Ad Page?

Very little of your time. You select your business goals, you select your preferred page style, you answer a few questions and you are done! In less than 15 minutes of your time, you will have provided our ad team with what they need to build your Tykuno Ad Page. After your page is built, Tykuno continues to manage and make edits or updates to your page for you.

Can we make revision requests to our page?

Yes. You are allowed up to 3 revision requests within your first month. Additional revision requests will incur a $75 fee and you will receive an additional 3 Revisions. If you want to change your Featured Products or Services on your Ad Page, a $75 Design Change Fee will incur.

Why do we need to apply and be screened if we are paying for services?

We have thousands of businesses that want to join Tykuno, but we are a selective private community.  Our number one concern is protecting the public and the integrity of Tykuno. To learn more please visit our BEST PRACTICES page. If your business is not accepted any charges will be immediately canceled and credited back to your card.

What’s the difference between a Tykuno Ad Page, a Website and a Landing Page?

Your Tykuno Advertising Page is a single web page in the Tykuno community. Much like a Landing Page, the Ad Pages are for the purpose of getting customers to take further action with your business. Tykuno Pages are more comprehensive than a typical Landing Page, but less so than a typical website. Our Web Pages have special features only found on Tykuno, like Special Offers, TruReviews and Editors Review. While most Landing Pages are connected to your Website, your Tykuno Ad Page is independently managed by us and acts as a recommendation and marketing page to increase sales with your business.

For online estore businesses, your website performs the checkout and sale. Your Tykuno Ad Page increases the customers interest and your sales.

Important Distinction

Your Tykuno Advertising Page is designed, built, hosted and secured on Tykuno along with a growing community of other trusted businesses. Your Ad Page is not an ecommerce, sales or shopping page. It’s an advertising and marketing page to motivate and amplify customer interest and confidence before coming to your site and local shop.

While each Tykuno Web Page is custom designed and built for your business goals, there are common features which all pages include to provide key information and consistency to benefit Customers.

A notable difference between your Tykuno Ad Page and a typical Website or Landing Page is access, anyone can get a website but you need to be accepted into Tykuno. Businesses featured on Tykuno must be approved and pass through a limited screening and due diligence period. This is one of the benefits of joining the Tykuno community – gaining customer trust and confidence.

Can I use my Tykuno Ad Page instead of a Website or Landing Pages?

Yes, you can use your Tykuno Advertising Pages for any reasonable purpose and for local business or a subscription based businesses you can use your Ad Page as a replacement for your current website or landing pages. If your business is to sell online then you need to have web store. Local businesses can receive customers to walk in, receive leads or appointment requests without needing a website. If you have an email subscription based business your Tykuno Ad Page can be your landing page and collect your email subscribers.

Tykuno Advertising Pages can be used as a substitute or replacement for websites that are old, obsolete, poorly designed or simply are not helping your business development.

Depending on your strategy, your Ad Pages can replace your website or serve as a pre-website amplification and confidence building page.

Can I sell products and services on my Tykuno Ad Pages?

No. The purpose of your Tykuno Ad Page is to increase customer interest, motivation and confidence before they come to your local business or eStore. Using your Ad Page as a step before customers come to your business can help you get more customer conversions, leads and sales.

Can my Business have multiple Tykuno Advertising Pages?

Yes. Each Tykuno Ad Page is designed to be focused on just a few highlighted products and services you have to offer. Get multiple Ad Pages to focus on different categories of products or services.

You can have a different Ad Pages to achieve different goals. For example, your local business might want a page to encourage customers to walk in and a separate page designed to get customers to shop on your web store page.

Multiple business locations. Tykuno Advertising Pages can feature up to 3 business locations if they are geographically close together. However, we recommend a separate page for each retail location, especially if they are located in different cities or areas.

Can I get a multi-page website on Tykuno or just individual Ad Pages?

Yes, you can receive advertising pages that are linked togther with menus, tabs and linked text creating a full website experience within Tykuno. However, all Tykuno Ad Pages need to conform to having certain information like Special Offers and TruReviews.

When businesses connect multiple Tykuno Ad Pages it’s typically to provide quick access to similar products or services. For example, a retail store with 5 Tykuno Ad Pages each focused on different products benefits from connecting their pages because the products are similar. Another example is a local professional service provider might connect multiple Tykuno Ad Pages to give customers quick access to alternative services, menu’s or detailed product information.

Tykuno’s advertising team will help you realize your goals. Contact support for assistance.


Increase Your Online Visibility. Get More Customers, Higher Conversion Rates and Increased Sales with Tailor Made Web Pages for Products and Services You Want to Advertise.

Get Better Advertising Results Using Your Tykuno Ad Pages.

Tykuno Ad Pages are specially designed to have optimal results with marketing. Receive a Tykuno Web Page that looks great, is part of a trusted community and guides customers to convert with you!

Tykuno Ad Pages are a perfect balance between beautiful design and function to get customers more interested in your business. Get a stronger online presence.

"Before Tykuno, my marketing campaigns were hit or miss. Now I consistently get great results with a much better return from my advertising investment."

– Alan K. Small Business Owner

It’s Easy to Get Started!

Tykuno Advertising Pages are professionally managed by us, so you can focus on running your business!

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