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What Makes Tykuno Advertising so Effective for Small Businesses?

Tykuno Advertising generates high quality Customers for small and mid-size businesses. The Tykuno Cutomer Development Process motivates and encourages the customers to use your business.


What are Tykuno Advertising Pages?

Tykuno directs targeted customer traffic to the Advertising Pages created for your business on Tykuno. These advertising pages are specially designed based on your industry and marketing goals. Tykuno advertising pages contain key information about your business, and how to get started. They contain a TruReviews™ section with links to your online reviews and they contain your deals and special offers.

The purpose of the Tykuno Advertising Pages is to increase the customers level of interest with your business through trust, transparency and encouragement. This Customer Development Process generates customers who are more confident and motivated to use your business.


Can I Receive Tykuno Customer Traffic if I am Already Advertising on Other Platforms?

Yes. Tykuno advertising is managed through the Tykuno process which runs independently from traffic other resources. Your Tykuno Ad campaigns will not interfere with other advertising you are running on other traffic platforms.


How Much Does Tykuno Cost?

Tykuno advertising campaigns start at $500 per campaign which can last up to 1 month in time duration. You can submit campaigns one at a time through your account or receive a proposal from Tykuno which can be implemented from our end at no additional cost. It is especially reassuring to businesses that Tykuno does not have contracts, additional fees or other obligations beyond paying for each ad campaign submitted.


Can I Request a New Advertising Page?

Yes. If you are not pleased with the design or your Advertising Page, we can have it redesigned or have a second page created for your business with limitations. New businesses cannot request a new Advertising Page until their second month with us unless there are errors or specific regulatory or performance issues.

Tykuno Advertising wants your customer campaigns to be successful so we will listen and accommodate our business clients with limitations. It’s very important for businesses to let Tykuno perform and not try to intervene with us unless it’s necessary. Remember,  the advertising pages are one part of a bigger process to generate your customers.



Why Do Customers Prefer Tykuno Businesses?


Sales & Discount Offers

Customers find sales and promotional offers at favorite local businesses.

easier to receive discounts

No coupons, no rebates. Tykuno has simplified receiving discounts to customers.

Local & online

Tykuno features local and online businesses, customers find great offers.

real privacy protection

Tykuno does not sell or share information, customers privacy is protected.


Tykuno Advertising Pages Feature TruReviews™, so customers can know a business before they start.

Better Information

Tykuno Advertising Pages™ are more informational and helpful for customers.

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No Website Needed to Receive Tykuno Customer Traffic

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