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Tykuno Advertising Page Strategies

Tykuno Advertising Pages are designed to attract and stimulate customer action with your business. Ad Pages are focused, attractive and they guide customers to convert with your brand. Customers go to your Advertising Web Pages before going to your business, make a great first impression and get a better return from your marketing campaigns.


Tykuno Advertising Pages Build Customer Confidence, Motivate and Encourage Customer Engagement and Increase Sales. There are Many Ad Page Strategies to consider that can Help your Marketing Campaigns and your Business Grow.

Start-Up & Growing Businesses

Get Online quickly and easily with Tykuno Ad Pages. No complicated set-up or technical integrations. No software or templates for you to spend countless hours learning and trying to figure it out. Get a perfect Advertising Page professionally designed and built for you.

Online Advertising is very competitive, your business is competing with thousands of other businesses to get customers. Tykuno provides your business with a winning solution right from the start so you don’t waste your time and money trying to be an online marketing expert.

Join a community of trusted businesses, helping customers get great deals and receive the best level of services you are able to provide.

Established Businesses

Re-ignite your customers interest with Tykuno Advertising Pages. Attract customers with your Special Offers, Featured products and different Styled Ad Pages. Get a better return from your marketing campaigns with high converting Tykuno Ad Pages.

Use Tykuno Ad Pages to reach different types of customers with different data profiles. Cast a wider net and attract more people to your business with specific Ad Pages focused on a few products and services for maximum efficiency.

Meet new customers through our growing community of reputable businesses. Test different Ad Page strategies to maximize your potential with our advertising services.

Website Stores (eCommerce)

Do you operate an online store or eCommerce business? Use Tykuno Ad Pages to differentiate your brand from thousands of other businesses using Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and other popular selling platforms. Grow your eCommerce business with more customers and higher conversion rates. Market your Tykuno Advertising Pages to visitors before they come to your website and landing pages for increased interest, confidence and higher conversion rates.

Professional Services (Local Licensed Services)

Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Advisors, Realtors, Contractors, Builders and other Services. Tykuno Ad Pages make it easy for customers to quickly learn more about your business on a single web page, while promoting your Special Offers to increase customer interest.

Customers can submit their information aka a lead; appointment requests, price inquiries, service availability, bookings, reservations and other, directly on your Tykuno Ad Page and that customer inquiry will go to your account (which includes customer relationship management tools for your leads), go to your email and go to you via text alert. Customers can be directed to your website landing page where they can submit leads using your existing registration process. Customers can also be directed to call your office, test or call your mobile phone or to walk-in for services.

Professional Services can use different types of Ad Pages to attract different types of customers and to test which types of lead generation Ad Page works best for your business. Tykuno Advertising Pages are beautifully designed and highly effective, but like all online marketing, there is usually room for optimization or improvement of the pages. The best way to achieve the highest possible conversion rates and to appeal to different segments of customers, consider testing different Ad Pages with different goals, styles and featured products and services.

Retail Stores (Local Shops & Dealerships)

Tykuno Ad Pages motivate and encourage customers to walk into your local place of business. Test different Ad Pages using different page styles as well as different Featured Products and Special Offers. Tykuno Pages are focused on just a few of your products for better customer engagement, consider a strategy using Ad Pages to promote specific products and services. For example, if you sell high volume low price products, your Ad Pages can focus on the line of or genre of the merchandise. For higher ticket and lower volume sales like dealerships, promoting single vehicle models as well as by the make both branded and generic page design styles to attract the most customers.

tykuno dealership advertising pages

Hospitality Industry

Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Hotels and other establishments providing local tangible hospitality services to customers can greatly benefit from a broad range of Tykuno Ad Page strategies to attract customers for all the different services provided. Restaurants can have separate Ad Pages to focus on featured services like the Bar and signature drinks and discounts for happy hour. Restaurant Ad Pages can feature brunch, dinner, lunch specials or even focus further down to specialty dishes like pizza, chinese food, bagels, soups, coffees, burgers or other commonly sought after cuisine. Use Tykuno Ad Page strategies to expand your delivery and take-out services, use other Ad Pages to encourage table reservations, while another Page motivates walk-in customers.

Use Tykuno Ad Pages to revitalize your current customer base and get more customers to come back repeatedly. Common strategies to keep customers interested and coming back to your business include: Different Tykuno Ad Pages focused on different aspects of your range of services. Restaurants can benefit from Ad Pages focused on different Special Offers, different reservation goals and booking options for customers. Hotels and larger operations can use a multitude of Ad Pages to market different services like; rooms, spa services, food and beverage, entertainment and more.

Product Launches

Tykuno Advertising Pages are a great solution to promote new products or services. Your Web Pages can be designed to focus on a single product or service. Use Ad Pages to market your new products and services to get more Customers and a more successful launch. Pages are focused, beautifully designed and part of the trusted Tykuno community of reputable businesses. Let the experienced advertising team at Tykuno help make your next launch a success.


Tykuno Ad Pages Increase Customer Interest, Motivation and Confidence Before Going to Your Business. Benefit From our Community of Reputable and Trusted Businesses. Meet Reliable Customers You Can Count On. Get a Better Return from your Online Marketing Efforts with Web Pages.

Benefits of Tykuno Web Pages

Better Online Presence

Differentiate your Brand

Better Return from your Online Marketing Campaigns

Association with a Community of Reputable Businesses

More Customers and Sales

More Appointments, Leads and Subscriptions

Higher Customer Conversion Rates

Increased Customer Sales

Customer Loyalty & Referrals

More Repeat and Regular Customers

Affordable to Businesses of All Sizes

Professionally Designed Ad Pages are Built for You

Tykuno makes it easy for your business to successfully advertise online and grow. We build and mange your Tykuno Advertising Pages so you can focus on running your company. Customers come to your Ad Page before going to your business, you only get one chance at making a great first impression!


It’s Easy to Get Started!

Tykuno Ad Pages are professionally managed by us, so you can focus on running your business!

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