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Advertising Page Examples

EXAMPLE 1   Local Home Services Business

This example shows how a local service business can benefit from Tykuno Advertising Pages using different Page Design strategies. Below from the 3 screenshots, you can see how an HVAC business can have an Ad Page that collects leads for them, an Ad Page that connects customers to their current scheduling page on their website or an Ad Page which guides customers to calling them. Each Page is customized to meet the needs of the business and to align with their strategies. Notice how one Ad Page Design Style features a single service verses Branded or Generic Styled Ad Pages. We Work with our Business Clients for guidance, strategies and optimization tips, while performing all ongoing edits and maintenance of your Advertising Pages.

tykuno HVAC advertising page

EXAMPLE 2   Local Medical & Healthcare Business

This example shows how a business uses multiple Tykuno Ad Pages to achieve their goals. One Ad Page is a generic design used to introduce new customers to their medical practice. Another Ad Page is product focused on “Botox Injections” and used to attract customers specifically for this featured service the medical practice hopes to grow and uses a generic design style rather than a branded one. The other Ad Page is focused on a line of different services commonly sought by new customers for “Skin Care”. Some design style strategies benefit the most from generic Ad Pages focused on the known service, whereas other strategies can focus on the brand (practice name), name of owner or physician.

EXAMPLE 3   Online eCommerce Product Sales Business

This example is for a website store, eCommerce business.  The goal of the pages is to get more customers to purchase goods from your website or sales pages. The different Ad Page design styles show how an eStore can focus their pages on individual products, lines of products or focus on branding and general interest. Tykuno Ad Pages are designed to motivate customers  interest and confidence in shopping on your site. Use a variety of different Ad Page design styles and products featured to appeal to more customers with different interests. Keep your Special Offers updated and your customers aware for best results.

EXAMPLE 4   Local Restaurant Businesses

This example shows different Ad Page design styles that can be used for the restaurant, cafe and bar industry. Customers can quickly identify the restaurant brand name, they can readily find out where it’s located, the Special Offers are prominently located near the top of the page for quick reference and customers are provided with easy ways to reserve tables or find the establishment. Use a variety of Ad Page designs and goals to see what strategy gets the most new customers. Promote different Special Offers and segments of the business like Happy Hour, Brunch, Holidays, Take-out and Delivery and whatever else you would want to advertise.

EXAMPLE 5   Online & Local Financial Services Business

This example shows four different Ad Page design styles to best meet the needs of a financial services company specializing in investment and retirement services. Some of the Ad Pages have prominent lead forms located near the top of the pages for optimal lead generation. Some Ad Pages are more brand focused while others are generic or unbranded and focused specifically on the featured service, like ‘Retirement Planning’. Businesses can benefit from different Ad Pages to promote different financial products and services, while discovering the optimal conversion options for best lead generation.

EXAMPLE 6   Local Retail Sales Business: Auto Dealership

This Auto Dealer Ad Page is similar to that of many stores and retail businesses. Keep in mind, this is just an example, each Ad Page is different and customized to meet the goals, strategies and design styles for the businesses featured on Tykuno. In this example the Featured Products are the Ad Page focus and located prominently high on the page.

EXAMPLE 7   Local Professional Services Business: Dental Practice

This Dentistry Ad Page is similar to that of many local professional services providers. In this example the Dental Practice prefers to have customers call their main office number. This business could choose to also receive customer inquiries by lead form on the Ad Page or by guiding customers to another scheduling ad page.

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