Boost Advertising

Receive Google PPC Traffic Campaigns

Get Reliable Customers You Can Count On

Increase visitors to your Tykuno Advertising Pages with Customer Boost Campaigns. Boost Campaigns are executed for you by our experienced marketing team and consist of reliable Google PPC traffic.

Get Customer Traffic to Your Ad Pages

Once you have a Ad Page on Tykuno, you can run Customer Boost Campaigns to quickly increase customer traffic to your Ad Pages for more leads, appointments, subscriptions and product sales.

Tykuno Customer Boost Campaigns are an effective and cost efficient way to grow your business. Our highly experienced marketing team runs data driven targeted ad campaigns to people most likely to take interest and convert with your business.

How Tykuno Boost Campaigns Work

Receive customers from Google PPC Ads to your Tykuno Advertising Page.

We Provide 2 Different Types of Boost Campaigns:

i) Boost Your Advertising Page

ii) Boost One Special Offer

Our marketing team can focus the Customer Boost Campaign on your entire Advertising Page (“your business”) or Boost Special Offers from your Page (“your individual deals and promotions”).


Boost are paid advertising, decide how much you want to spend. Customer Boosts start at $100 per campaign.

Minimum of $10 a day of Ad Spend. A $100 Boost can last for up to 10 days. The minimum cost for 30 days is $300.


Top Performing ROI


Tykuno Customer Boost Campaigns typically generate high ROI’s and are consistently effective for helping businesses grow.

Our experienced marketing team creates Google ads targeted to customers actively looking for products and services like yours. When the customer comes to your Tykuno Ad Page, they are motivated to use your business.

Monitor the traffic coming to your Tykuno Ad Pages easily with one click from your account Dashboard. See real time reports with reliable data from Google Analytics.

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