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Just Say: “TYKUNO”

Tykuno introduces customers to local businesses by offering an exclusive discount through this site. Customers can find local home service pros, financial services, doctors, car dealerships, beauty care salons and just about any local business.

Tykuno features a select few outstanding local businesses for each industry. Tykuno screens all businesses that are invited or who apply to be featured on this site. Only the most reputable and exceptional businesses are found here. A Tykuno Business is a Trusted Business!

Tykuno has simplified the process for customers to receive discounts and promotions. Customers need only tell the merchant or pro they are Tykuno customers to receive their discount and savings. Just provide your email address to the businesses at the time of sale if requested, no other information is needed.

Tykuno not only connects customers with great local businesses and services that offer an exclusive Tykuno only discount, but also goes a step further to help ensure your information and privacy are protected. Tykuno does not share or sell our information with third parties.

The Future of Local Search is Here

Do you need a pro, product or service in your area? Then before you begin your search, start with Tykuno, for all the great local products and services that also include an exclusive Tykuno only discount.

Our Mission

Help local businesses meet new customers by offering one-of-a-kind discounts which can only be found on Tykuno and help millions of consumers save money while spending and reinvesting within their own local communities.

Our Values

Tykuno values your trust and privacy above all else. Unlike competing professional services, discounts and referral websites, Tykuno makes it easy for you to find great services and save more money while keeping your information protected and private. A Tykuno Business is a Trusted Business.

What Sets Tykuno Apart


Exclusive Discounts

Discounts listed on Tykuno are exclusive to Tykuno customers and can only be found here.

easier to receive discounts

Just say: “TYKUNO”! No coupons, no rebates. Tykuno has simplified receiving discounts.

Local Products Services

Tykuno search is for finding local businesses offering discounts near you.

real privacy protection

Tykuno does not sell or share your information, communicate with only those you contact.

Recommended Local Pros

Businesses listed on Tykuno have been carefully screened and selected.

Better Information

Tykuno business listing pages are more informational and helpful for customers.

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