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Tykuno introduces customers to trusted local and online businesses. Customers can find better; home service pros, financial advisors, doctors, car dealerships, beauty care salons, the best eCommerce web-stores and so much more.

Business Web Pages found on Tykuno feature Special Offers and TruReviews™. Find Special Offers such as sales, discounts and promotional deals on every Page. Plus, all Business Pages include our TruReviews™ section for increased transparency, so you can really get to know a brand before you start with them.

Tykuno screens all businesses that are invited or who apply to be featured on this site. Only reputable and respected businesses are found here. A Tykuno Business is a Trusted Business!

Tykuno has simplified the process for customers to receive discounts and promotions. There are no printable coupons through Tykuno, to redeem special offers with businesses in person, like local shops and restaurants, simply reference the Tykuno Web Page if needed. We recommend that you Bookmark or save the links to your favorite Tykuno Web Pages for easy future reference and to stay on top of new deals with your favorite products and services.

Tykuno is careful and respectful when it comes to your privacy. If you request a price quote or schedule an appointment through a Tykuno Business Page Web form, your information will only go to that one business, we do not disseminate your request to other businesses. Tykuno does not share or sell our information with third parties.

Tykuno is Strengthening Communities Through Efficiently and Affordably Helping Businesses Grow While at The Same Time Benefiting Customers with Special Offers, Increased Trust and Transparency.

Better Customer Experiences

Better customer experiences start with trust. Tykuno screens all businesses before they are featured on our site. We developed the TruReviews™ where customers can see online reviews conveniently on the Tykuno Business Page.

Our Mission

Help customers; find better professional services, get better online deals and have a better customer experience. Tykuno works with businesses and guides them towards providing the best products and services at the lowest possible prices for customers who use Tykuno.

Our Values

Tykuno values your trust and right to privacy. Tykuno makes it easy for you to find great services and save more money while keeping your information protected and private. A Tykuno Business is a Trusted Business.

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Sales & Discount Offers

Find sales and promotional offers at favorite local and online businesses.

easier to receive discounts

No coupons, no rebates. Tykuno has simplified receiving discounts.

Local & online

Tykuno features local and online businesses, find great offers.

real privacy protection

Tykuno does not sell or share your information, communicate with only those you contact.

Trust & Confidence

Tykuno Business Pages Feature TruReviews™, so you can really know a business before you start.

Better Information

Tykuno Business Pages are more informational, transparent and helpful for customers.

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