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Tykuno is a new service which recently launched. We are currently adding new local businesses to our site. Please check back with us in about 30 days. We look forward to helping you then. Thank you for visiting Tykuno!


Tykuno is a Referral Site with Exclusive Customer Discounts

Find Great Stores & Services Near You

No Coupons, Codes, Rebates or Downloads, We Make It Easy to Save More Money

Do you need to hire a home pro? Do you need to find a great Financial Advisor or Doctor? Do you need to a buy a car or replace an appliance?

Tykuno features Top Rated products and services in your area that feature an exclusive discount for Tykuno users. When you use a local service listed on Tykuno you will receive a discount at the time of sale. No Coupons, No Codes, No Downloads and No Rebates!

Find Great Local Pros & Businesses Near You

Meet Verified Pros & Merchants

1. Find Local Merchant Discounts Only Offered On Tykuno

2. See all of a businesses online reviews conveniently

3. Contact Merchants, Schedule Appointment or Go To Store

4. Provide Your Tykuno Email at time of Sale to Get Discount

How Tykuno Works

Find local Discounts on top products and services that can only be found on Tykuno. Services listed will display how much money you will save or the percentage discount you will receive. To get your discount simply identify yourself as a Tykuno customer and provide your email address.

Fast & Easy to save money

Forget about downloading coupons or collecting receipts and mailing UPC codes. Tykuno saves you more money without wasting your time in order to receive your exclusive discounts.

local products & services

Tykuno helps you save money with local businesses. Everything from small purchases like food and merchandise to major expenses like buying a car or doing a home renovation.

How Does Tykuno Compare



Find great Local Professionals and receive a Discount exclusive to Tykuno Customers.


No Downloads, no coupons, no rebates to process, simply provide participating merchants with your email address to receive Discounts at time of sale.


Tykuno is for Local products & pro services. Find one-of-a-kind, exclusive discounts.


Businesses listed on Tykuno have been verified and approved saving you time and hassle.


See all of a businesses online reviews in one place on Tykuno. Find reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Home Advisor and more!

Other Websites


Find great Local Professionals and receive regular customer pricing.


You need to download or print coupons and remember to bring those to your purchase or have to downloand another app just to receive your discount.


Most Discount Coupon sites are only for online shopping and ecommerce, not local services.


Most sites allow any business to have a page regardless of their history or credibility.


Other websites only feature reviews from that site only. Google only features Google reviews and so on, at Tykuno access all reviews easily.

All Reviews On 1 Site

Find all of a businesses reviews in 1 place on Tykuno. Find Google, Facebook, Yelp and Industry specific reviews.

Screened Businesses

Tykuno screens all business applications through a multi-step process for quality assurance.

Flat Rate Discounts

Find fixed amount dollar discounts on individual items and services or save a flat amount off your entire bill.

Percentage Discounts

Find discounts that cut your entire bill by a percentage reduction on all or specific goods purchased.

Our Screening Process

Tykuno screens all businesses that apply for Listing Pages on this site. We are committed to providing a safer and better local referral service featuring our exclusive Tykuno Discounts.


Online Reviews

Tykuno screens pros and merchants by checking through their reviews. We read social media reviews, industry specific reviews and just about anything we can find online. We understand that all businesses have some bad reviews so we look for patterns and deny businesses with consistently bad reviews.



Tykuno screens for online complaints. We start by reviewing complaint sites like The BBB and we perform “complaint searches” on Google. We understand most businesses have some complaints, but we look for those with unresolved issues and for patterns of customer complaints.


Tykuno screens for businesses that do not have proper state or industry Licensing. This is only done for the business applicants that are in regulated industries.  Businesses must attest to us they are up to date and compliant with all state and industry licenses and regulations.


State Registration

Tykuno checks that all businesses are registered with their state and there are no causes for concern. We require all new businesses to attest they are legally registered business in their state.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive this Tykuno Discount?

Tykuno Discounts, Savings, Credits, Pormotions and Rebates must all be honored at the time of sale. Simply identify yourself as a Tykuno Customer and provide pro or merchant with your email address – that’s it!

Do I need to complete the web form above to get my Tykuno Discount?

Use the web form on this page as a convenient way to contact pros and merchants. However, you Do Not need to complete this web form or any others on this website to receive a Tykuno discount. You can contact any of our businesses or walk into any participating Tykuno stores and all you need to do is let them know at the time of sale or before, that you are a Tykuno Customer – that’s it!

How does Tykuno verify and approve business listings?

Tykuno performs internet searches of the businesses that apply for a page listing. We review sites like Google, The BBB and various “scam and rip-off alert” types of websites. If we see an applicant business with complaints across these sites or if we see consistant poor reviews on places like Google and Facebok then we do not accept these businesses to Tykuno.

Tykuno is only for local businesses that either provide services at a customers home or business, or they have a shop or site location that customers can walk into.

Tykuno must verify all business applications by phone. This interview gives us the chance to ensure the business owner or manager is highly competent and willing to provide Tykuno Customers with preferred treatment, better customer service and their greatest discount exclusively to Tykuno Customers.

Tykuno is a one of a kind service, there has never been anything quite like this to date. Tykuno was created as a way of helping customers find great local products and professional services and save money doing so. With Tykuno you don’t just find great pros and local merchants, you also get an exclusive discount that only Tykuno Customers can receive!

How do I leave a review for this business?

After you contact a business through Tykuno you will receive an invitation to review after a few weeks.

How is my privacy being protected on Tykuno?

Tykuno respects your privacy and we took this into great consideration when Tykuno was created. In fact, our policies below are the opposite of our closest competitors.

i) When you contact a business using the web forms your information Only goes to that business and Tykuno. Other sites request your needs first, they take your info and then share that with numerous businesses that contact you with quotes. Tykuno is different, we know you will get the best experience selecting the businesses you want to communicate with so you do not have numerous people contacting you for days and weeks.

ii) Tykuno does not share or sell your information or data we collect with third parties.

iii) Tykuno will only send relevant email updates and transactional communications to you as needed. We will never use your email to promote third party ads or abuse your trust through our service.

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